About us

Stanislav Bozhko
Evgeniy Abramov
Emma Tomusiak
Serhii Khomych
Serhii Listvagov
Anton Beregovoj
Dmitry Kozachkov
Serhii Gorobets
Aleksandra Sokorenko

"Only reliable partner for the client". This fundamental has been a constant motto for our team since 2013. We design web projects for our clients and don't dwell on the role of developers, but share all our experience of creating projects and starting an existing offline business on the Internet.

The Stamax team is a reliable partner for the boldest projects. We allow to our clients to deep dive into the elaboration of the project, and we take care all the complexities of technical solutions: creating a prototype and business requirements, building a roadmap for project programming and implementing new ideas, developing the project and its subsequent technical support.

Putting ideas into practice is hard work in various areas. Our team will make it much easier.

Our mission

Implementing IT solutions in a business that does not directly relate to the Internet is a complex process for both the manager and employees. And find a suitable developer or team, to get the desired result, more than a challenge.

And the mission of our company is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with easy implementation of an IT solution to automate the functioning of the business, improve efficiency and obtain vital analytics without difficulties and risks.


With 4 people, the story of our company began. And the development of the first small online store and inventory accounting system with a specific, at that time, necessity: to automate the process of notifying wholesale buyers of debts, the ability to flexibly set up a discount system and setting a threshold negative customer balance.

In the first year, we developed several web projects. We have increased the staff to 6 people. In addition, we finally decided on the main technology stack: Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, Redis.

Since we became a little bit bigger there was a need for in-depth configuration of workflow management tasks, statuses. We settled on the Jira instrument.

In the midst of the development of social networks in the field of medicine and sport. This is the first time we are developing a social network.

Inside the team, we completely switched to the Slack messenger, developed, tested and finally implemented the workflow in Jira, the comfort of which we still admire. And also, along with this, we adapted the work with the repository, which is Bitbucket.

A year of great development: ERP / CRM systems, unique startups. This year we started developing complex and comprehensive solutions.

In the same year, we migrated to DigitalOcean servers and begin to develop our new website.

And besides this, we have already become 9 people and we have found several reliable partners who are professionals in the design and development of mobile applications.

We will tell you everything soon...