ERP/CRM implementation

4 months

ERP integration

Integration of ready-made ERP-solutions in the company is a complex process. We can simplify it for you. We take care of all the complexity of integrating an ERP-system, allowing you to stay in the focus of your company.

6 month

ERP development

Automation, complete control, analytics and management of all processes of the enterprise - this is what allows you to get with the ERP-system. Our professionals develop custom enterprise resource management software.

2 months

1С integration

Integrating 1C with web applications or services of your company is an effective way to improve the performance of your entire business. Automatisation of documents flow, a significant reduction of manual work and importing data from suppliers - this is just a small part of features that our team can implement.

3 months

CRM integration

The integration of off-the-shelf CRM solutions into an enterprise is a complex process. We take care of all the difficulties of this process and give customers to stay in the focus of their company.

5 months

CRM development

The development of the individual CRM system for business eliminates the need to adjust the current process to the system, instead - to adjust the system exactly like it requires the business. We conduct a thorough analysis of the processes and provide a CRM system that works as business requires it.

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